Hello and welcome to my dating profile!

My name is Joe Newhouse and this is my introduction to you! On the next few pages you will get to know the raw me. I want you to know exactly who I am and who exactly you are going to associate with.

Why do I do this? Simple, I want to find “The One”, the woman who loves me for who I am and not some kind of idealistic idea.

I will try to introduce myself and show you my different characteristics, preferences and maybe also weirdnesses. Tip: There are one or two hidden pages that are only accessible if you find the links, so read carefully – LOL

I mean exactly what I write here, this is no fluff or some cooked up BS – everything you see is the real ME! The pictures have place and year information and nothing here is fake. This is my attempt to be as open and blunt as possible to present this down-to-earth, but sometimes also a little crazy guy. Do not be fooled by my somewhat conservative name and appearance – you got a live one here, as my fav actor would say: A real motherf…er 😉

I have only one request now that I completely opened up myself to you: Please be equally honest with me. We are all not getting any younger and I don’t have time to waste. Lies and deceptions get found out anyway – so let’s be REALLY honest with each other!

Now I hope you enjoy browsing through my life…

Sex Male
Age Crossed the 50 mark
Ethnic White / Caucasian
Language German
2nd language Englisch (fluent)
Hight 6’3″ (189cm)
Weight 216 lbs (98 Kgs)
Built Still a few extra pounds, but quite sporty and fit
Hair colour shaved grey
Eye colour Grey / Blue
Smoking No
Relationship Single (divorced since 2018)
Kids A son who lives with his mother
Wants kids No
Want to move? Yes – for the right one certainly
Looking for * meeting people to go out, hiking, sporting and anything that makes fun
* a friendship
* a partnership that develops to more
Age bracket Anywhere between 35 und 60

My Work Experience

After I completed high school, my first profession was to become a mechanic for industrial machines. I did this for a couple of years and then served for 2 years in the German army.

During this time I got very interested in my spiritual side and for the next 16 years I travelled the world, studying and exploring myself. I lived in Copenhagen, London and Florida. That’s also when I had my first marriage which fell apart in 2001.

Since 2004 I have been living in Stuttgart, Germany. Until 2018 I ran a rather successful real estate agency. But with my second divorce, this business went down as well and since then I have been running a web design agency.

But then came 2020 and the covid lockdowns which pretty much destroyed my company, because I lost 90% of all my orders and customers. In May 2021 I lost my next job due to the lockdowns. That’s when I knew I had enough and decided to move my entire money making online. 

The purpose became to create passive income sources that make enough money online so that I can live a laptop lifestyle. I enrolled in a training program and since then my life has not been the same.

Every day brings new challenges and opportunities and I am getting closer and closer to my purpose.