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  • One .com Domain (Value €12/year)
  • An SSL-Certificate (Value €12/year)
  • A Professional Email Address (Value €48/year)
  • Your Own WordPress Website with up to 20 pages (or 10 Funnels with 2 pages each) (Value €1.164/year)
  • The interface to your AWeber auto emailer account
  • Plugin for SEO
  • Plugin for Analytics


The funnel builder that gives best value for money!

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Personal 1-on-1 Funnel Consultation

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I have several decades of experience in the areas of Sales, PR and Marketing and have built several 6-figure-businesses up from the ground. Together we will go over your products and marketing plan and decide on the best possible funnel for your business.

Here you will get the personalized care and attention you’ve been missing. Ask questions and get helpful tips to avoid costly mistakes and achieve success as fast as possible. 


High-Ticket Email Templates

The bedrock of every high ticket purchase is establishing trust and delivering value. Use these email templates to do that for you!

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A Copy Of My Top Converting High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Funnel

I’m Going To Load A Copy Of My Actual PAGES Onto Your DigitalMarketingFunnel. You can adjust them and change them in any way you want. (This is THE sales funnel that has netted me thousands of dollars.)

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You Will Receive A FREE Invitation To My

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I have started to create an Affiliate Marketing Introductory Course
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You Can Join our FREE Facebook Group

Creating Passive Income Online 

In this group you will get all the help you need with your Digital Marketing journey. Tons of FREE advice and you can ask questions to any and all
spefific problems

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Access to A Host of FREE Tools, Pictures and Videos Useful for Your Business

When I started my journey as a Digital Marketer, I spent months investigating various softwares and tools until I found the ones I really liked, that were either FREE or affordable, but most importantly worked! Back then it took me forever to find all the websites where you can download FREE pictures and videos.

I have compiled now a list with all the places where you can download these things, as well all the various tools I use in my business. Thus you can hit the ground running and actually concentrate on building your business!

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My Personal Guarantee

Upon signing up, you will get my personal email and my personal WhatsApp number. Thus you can always contact me personally in case something is not to your satisfaction. Or if you find something isn’t working or missing from what was promised. I am here to help you sort out whatever it is that will need sorting.


The funnel builder that gives best value for money!

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Back in 2017, I was not in a good place. My dad had just died, and due to new government regulations, my business suddenly faced bankruptcy. As a result, money was very tight and I was desparate to make an income in order to provide for my family. This was one thing that was not acceptable to me!

No matter what, my son and wife must NOT suffer because of this situation!

The hard fact of the matter was that I received no help at all. The people I turned to suddenly weren’t available. One person even gave me a job, but then refused to pay me. It took many months to finally get what I was owed. They will have to deal with their own conscience at some point.

I then started my Digital Marketing journey, and after a lot of hard work, managed to get out of financial distress. I swore to myself that if I ever came into a position where I could help others, I would NOT rip them off or try to take advantage of their situation. The fact is, many people are currently struggling to make ends meet. COVID was and still is a job killer. It has driven up the prices to levels where many people are in trouble because they cannot make ends meet. I know because it hit me hard too.

A beginner Affiliate Marketer has a LOT to confront and go through and it’s really not easy to do this. The monthly costs can be a real burden when you arealready in dire straits. This is why I developed my own marketing funnel called DigitalMarketingFunnel. I developed this system to help startup marketers and struggling marketers afford the marketing tools they need, and I did so bearing in mind your bottom line.

You get a powerful marketing system at a very low price. 

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The funnel builder that gives best value for money!