High Poly model of a Pontiac GTO from 1967.
The car was modeled as a personal project to improve my SubD modeling skills.
Everything was done in Blender. For materials rendering Cycles render engine withing Blender was used.
The lighting was one using a HDRI environment image.
A High Poly model of a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, used by the American Air Force during WWII.
This model was made for an exam on high poly 3d modeling.
Modeling was done in 3DsMax, it was then unwrapped to be textured in Photoshop.
The materials and rendering were done using Mental Ray.
A Low Poly model of a skateboard made in one day.
This project was made to explore PBR texturing and real-time rendering.
Modeling was done in Blender, Photoshop was used to create the textures.
The textures were made with the PBR metalness workflow to be rendered in Unreal Engine.
A Maxim machine gun as sed by Russia during WWII.
The gun was modeled in 3DsMax, starting with a high poly mesh which was retopologized to a Low Poly version.
The normals were baked onto the Low Poly version using xNormal.
To render the model Unreal Engine was used
A Mid Poly model of a Lego Formula 1 race car.
The model was modeled in 3DsMax and rendered in Blender with the Cycles render engine.
It was made as an experiment and inspired by the Lego movie.
To make the model i used an actual Lego manual as reference material.
A High Poly model of an Epiphone Les Paul Special 2 guitar.
The guitar was modeled in Blender using SubD modeling techniques.
It was rendered in Blender using the Cycles render engine.
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